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Darmona CTC Black Tea

Ever had chai that feels like a warm hug in a cup? With its bold and earthy taste, thanks to its single-origin sourcing, Darmona makes the perfect pick-me-up chai that you didn’t know you needed.

How will Darmona make your chai taste and smell?

  • Bold and rich
  • Strong, earthy notes
  • Will make a smooth and savory cup of chai

What makes Darmona different from other teas?

Darmona is made from fine single-origin tea leaves. The leaves come from a single tea-estate in the Nilgiri Mountains in South India. Every sip of this South Indian chai is bold, undiluted, and full-bodied in taste.


Where is Darmona sourced from?

  • Darmona CTC black tea originates from the award-winning Darmona tea estate.
  • The Darmona tea estate is nestled in the Nilgiri Mountains in South India.

What is in your bag?

You will find Darmona CTC black tea that is ethically-sourced from the Nilgiri Mountains.

CTC stands for “crushed, teared, and curled”. It’s the result of making tea leaves into granules. CTC tea is used across South Asian households to make the most authentic chai.

Note: Contains Caffeine.

Brewing instructions are located on the back of the bag.

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