3 Reasons Why We Started Oonyall

We Stopped Settling for Syrups & Synthetic Concentrates.

We didn’t appreciate being forced to settle for the syrup-rich chai served in coffee shops and the artificial concentrates that attempt to shortcut the process of making authentic chai.

We were disappointed that this was the “best” chai we can get in the the United States.

Chai isn’t made up of artificial sugars and synthetic flavor. Hand-picked black tea leaves, grounded, fresh spices, and proper technique all go into a good cup of chai.

Why should y’all settle for sub-par chai?

We were Spoiled by Chai (Chaya) in South India.

Once we tasted the good stuff, it was hard for us to go back.

When we visited Kerala, we had the luxury of tasting chai made using fresh ingredients. We became obsessed with the taste of chai that we had in Kerala.

Whether we sipped on chai at shops or stores or from family and friends, we knew it miles above what we bought and made in the U.S.

In South India, they have access to fresher black tea. This fresh black tea come from tea estates local to the region. Up until now it wasn’t that easy to get access to these ingredients.

Our standards were elevated, and we want to share a new standard of chai with y’all.

We Want Chai to Stop being an After-Thought

We take our chai/chaya seriously.

We’ve been drinking it since we were little kids. To this day, it’s part of our daily routine.

When we go to Indian restaurants and coffee shops in the U.S., we’re disappointed to see that their chai/chaya is more of an after-thought on the menu.

It isn’t prepared with intention. It’s treated as a coffee-alternative that no one took seriously. There isn’t much thought put into how well chai was made. And the taste reflects that.

Big tea brands are no better. With a priority on profit, they look to dilute the flavor of chai in order to maintain their economies of scale and promote convenience (i.e. the dreaded tea bag).

This leads to bitter tasting chai. Not the kind that we enjoyed in Kerala.

That’s why we’re putting chai at the forefront.

Chai represents more than just a type of tea. Chai is what we look forward to before taking on a long day or when coming back from one. Chai is what we use to slow down time in the midst of a hectic schedule. It’s what we serve to guests who come to our homes - as a symbol of warmth and hospitality. So why would you demote it to an after-thought or a cheap drink?

We know the importance of a good cup of chai.

And that same importance is what we want to give to y’all.

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